Drywall Patch Review: Does the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch Match the Hype?

I love clipboard walls. So much so that in an effort to have a perfectly spaced clipboard wall, I moved the thermostat about five inches down. It left behind a sizeable hole, but I didn’t mind because I knew I was covering it up with a clipboard. That was then.

Now, I’m ready for something new and I’m ready to repair the hole. Because patching drywall is a big pain, I honestly avoided it until I heard about the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch. 

Read on for my honest and unsponsored review.

What Is the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch?

The Eclipse patch is ultimately a sticker that you place over your small to medium-sized hole in your drywall. The idea is that with just two coats of paint over the patch, the patch magically blends into your wall, making it undetectable. 

How the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch Works

Determine Hole Size

The Eclipse Patch comes in three different sizes:

  • 2” covering holes up to 1” in diameter
  • 4” covering holes up to 2” in diameter
  • 6” covering holes up to 3” in diameter

If your wall repair is any larger than these sizes, you’ll need a to go the traditional route of patching drywall.

Sand and Prep

As for any home project, prepping your space is key. The Eclipse Patch will cover holes, yes, but as a thin sticker, it’ll still show imperfections on your wall. Make sure you fully sand and smooth over areas around the hole with spackle if you need to. Wipe away any debris from sanding.

150 grit sandpaper

Full disclosure: I missed this step – I didn’t realize how uneven the surrounding paint was. I’ve patched I’ve gone back and spackled, but you can still see it in pictures.

Place and Paint

Remove the patch from the backing and center it over the hole.

Firmly smooth it out.

Then paint over the area with a paint roller (the coverage isn’t as great with just a brush). 

Remove Tab

Once the first layer of paint is dry to the touch on the surrounding drywall (typically about an hour or so), pull the tab off so the top layer of the sticker has been removed.

Paint over the exposed sticker. Because I was using very white paint, I had to paint over the patch 3-4 times to get full coverage.

Once the paint dries, you’re done!

Honest Review of the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch 

The Eclipse Patch is a great solution if you’re looking for something quick and easy and the hole isn’t at eye level. 

It’s not the best solution if you’re looking for a professional-looking patch job. 

Paint can do some amazing things, but it can’t smooth over the texture of a sticker. Up close, within five feet or so, I can see the outlines of the Eclipse Patch.

If you need a perfect repair, using a patch repair kit like the 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair Kit is your ideal solution. Yes, there’s feathering involved and spackle sanding, but the results are worthwhile. And to be completely honest, I plan to use spackle to hide the edges of my DAP Eclipse Rapide Wall Repair Patch.


While the DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch checks a lot of boxes for newbie DIYers, it doesn’t replace the standard, run-of-the-mill drywall patch job.

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